Is 2021 Actually Going To Be My Year?

Every New Year, I find myself thinking that every year is going to be the exact same. I will skate though without much change, but for some reason this year feels different. I am oddly optimistic. It makes me wonder if something was wrong with me. Maybe it is just the first time in my adult life that I actually have things to look forward to. Or maybe I am like the rest of the world and just expect a little more normalcy after an insane 2020. It would make sense that I am expecting big things when my expectations are so low. I’m hoping for a lot of change this year.

              Setting goals is something that really makes me look forward to the future. It isn’t something I had really done until recently. I had one big goal for a long time and that was to graduate college. I completed that goal, but it didn’t really make me feel accomplished. It felt like it was something I was supposed to do. It was expected of me. Now I feel like I can create all sorts of goals without having to plan around school. This is the first time I have felt free in a long time. I don’t have anything to stress me out anymore. There should only be things to look forward to. I have a great relationship, am looking for a salary-based job, have a vacation planned, and so many more exciting things I had never done. For example, I have been painting, doing puzzles, and spending way more time with my family than I ever have.

              My biggest goal has been the site, and I plan on being as committed as possible. I am putting in words and publishing it so I have to officially hold myself accountable. Since finding a job is so hard right now, it is nice to have something to fully commit myself to. It is rewarding and creates a portfolio for all of the things I have on my mind. I would love for this to start making money so I could have almost like a side hustle. I could do what I love on the side as well as make real people money. My absolute dream would be to make this fulltime. That is what I plan on doing while Covid-19 is still coming strong.

              I think the most important thing I plan on doing is just enjoying life. It has only been 12 days now, but I definitely see myself already doing that. I have been trying to get into cooking, and I think it is so fun. I think it is a great skill, and I love seeing people’s reactions to what I make. I have also been trying to see my friends as much as possible. This is something that really makes me happy because it gives me a night where I can just have a good time. I can get anything that is bothering me off my mind and just have fun. My friends have loved hanging out in my garage and playing games. I have brought different groups of people together. It makes me smile to see my different friend groups getting along and having a good time.

              My plan for 2021 is to just take it one day at a time. I want to make sure I keep moving forward and making progress so I can be the best person I can be. I plan on making the most upgrades in my life this year. It will be my first full year with my girlfriend. I have vacation. I have so many things to look forward to. That is why I think 2021 will be different.

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