Empire Every Day 015

I finally found the first piece of trivia that isn’t 100% correct. Very proud of myself for this one.

FACT: When Luke is on Dagobah entering the cave of evil to fight the fake Darth Vader, an alien species, known in the Star Wars universe as a “Sleen”, can be seen crawling out of the hole into which Luke crawls, this is in fact just a regular lizard, and the only real life animal to make it into all of the Star Wars movies.

If whoever wrote this actually watched the movie they would notice the snakes on Dagobah. Not some alien special snakes, just regular ol’ snakes. A snake bit Mark Hamill on set! Sure the “Sleen” are lizards in real life but they forgot about the snakes. I hate when they forget about the snakes. IMDB if you are reading this, please fix this error.

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