REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 1

WandaVision is not a show for everyone, it’s not a show for most people and I’m not even sure it’s a show for the average Marvel fan. After laying the groundwork for over 10 years Marvel Studios has created something that was previously thought impossible, an interconnected and interwoven universe. But with this big universe come some big problems. Marvel Studios by creating this show is assuming you have seen the last 2 Avengers films or at minimum have seen Avengers: Age of Ultron. You have seen those movies right? If you haven’t, prepare to be awfully confused.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision are not plug and play characters like Iron Man or the Hulk, the average person does not know who they are and I think Marvel is taking a big risk by making this show. Taking a big risk that I think more than paid off.

WandaVision is set as a 50s sitcom but you don’t have to be familiar with any to understand what’s going on. The filming in black and white, the studio laughter, Wanda as the housewife and Vision as the hard-working husband. All the elements are there but with a Marvel Studios coat of paint on top. The episodes starts with a very ordinary premise, there is a heart symbol drawn on today’s date on the calendar and the two can’t seem to figure out what it is. Is it a birthday? An anniversary? You get sucked into these mundane storylines and you forget that in the current MCU timeline Vision is dead, so why am I watching him work a 9-5 job right now?

(Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are at their best here, this show is weird and experimental and they know that and knock it out of the park. I am still a little confused on how Wanda managed to lose her Sokovian accent in such a short time but the answer could literally be that she used magic so I don’t care all that much. What I do care about is the chemistry between these two characters because I always found it a little weird. One is a magic witch and one is an indestructible super smart robot. Doesn’t mean they can’t be in love but it does mean it has to be convincing for me to buy it.

By this point you are probably asking where the action is. To put it simply I don’t know, I think it’s coming but I don’t know when. Many people will probably think this first episode is boring and that’s okay because this show is only just beginning to peel back the layers of what is really going on. Stay patient, don’t turn off your TV sets just yet I promise, Marvel has something exciting planned for us I just know it.

I think the reason this show is so refreshing to watch is because there is no punching or fighting or giant world-ending catastrophes and I hope if they ever show up they wait until the very end to show up. I very much enjoy the change of pace, I can finally breathe while watching something Marvel. I’ve been holding my breath movie after movie watching fight after fight and villain after villain so it feels refreshing watching Vision try to entertain his boss while Wanda figures out a way to not ruin dinner in the kitchen.

I fully expected to not like this at all but as soon as it started I was completely onboard and as soon as the credits were rolling I couldn’t start the next episode fast enough. On paper this might not look like the show for you but I’m telling you to give it a try, you might end up loving it like I did. Marvel Studios has created something very experimental here and I am very interested to see what they have in store for us in these upcoming weeks.

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