Our Favorite Bernie Sanders Memes

I am sure you have all seen the Bernie Sanders memes of him on inauguration day by now so we decided it would be fun to post our favorites that we have seen around the internet.

CHRIS: These are some of my favorite memes I have seen in quite some time. I don’t know the last time I remember this many people using and creating a meme. I have seen old English teachers of mine post them. It is truly so fun to see what people come up with.

I feel like the creator of this one did such a good job because of how smooth it looks. It genuinely looks like he is there putting someone in an arm bar.

This one also makes me laugh out loud. J Cole actually posted this one. It was an edit of his Forest Hills Drive album. Again, it looks so natural. That is why I like it. It’s not just his body photoshopped into a picture.

STEVE: I might be a little biased with my first pick here because I made this one myself but you have to be proud of yourself.

This is Bernie Sanders in the emperor’s throne room, I probably should have cut his legs off or included them because I do recognize it looks a little weird with him kind of just floating there. Happy with how it turned out though.

I love this one because it reminds me of my grandpa when we take him to Disney. He doesn’t even ride any of the rides or talk to any of the characters, he just sits on a bench and reads a newspaper the entire time. That is what I imagine Bernie Sanders would do in Disney, find a nice spot to sit and just take a load off and relax for a little while.

NATE: I think all the readers out there will appreciate some of my favorite Bernie memes.

Okay, lets all be honest here. Who doesn’t love baby Yoda? Honestly, this one should go down as a classic, and whoever created this one did a fantastic job. Baby Yoda looks like he was in the original photo.

For some reason I don’t remember Bernie being in this scene? But for real this is a iconic scene in movie history and the fact that someone had the creativity to add Bernie makes this so much better. This is definitely my favorite one.

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