Empire Every Day 033

Let me spin you a tale about the Writer’s Guild and Director’s Guild, two of the stupidest groups you could ever join. I’m just kidding, kind of.

033: To preserve the dramatic opening of the Star Wars movies, George Lucas insisted on moving all the credits to the end of the movie. However, although the Writers’ Guild and Directors’ Guild had begrudgingly allowed this on Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) (because that movie wasn’t expected to be very successful), they resented the trend being continued on this movie. First they tried to pull this movie from release, but were unsuccessful. They then fined Lucas heavily, and tried to fine¬†Irvin Kershner, but Lucas paid all of the fines himself (nearly $250,000). Lucas then bitterly dropped his membership in the Writers’ Guild, Directors’ Guild, and the Motion Picture Association of America, a move that has hindered his hiring choices on later movies.

We know Star Wars is groundbreaking but this is something we take for granted, credits at the end of movies. Credits at the beginning of movies are lame and stupid, but credits at the end of the movie are where it’s at. Without Star Wars there would be no post-credits scene which is a cornerstone of the MCU. Without Star Wars a movie would end and I would get up and leave immediately, you wouldn’t even get time to sit and watch the credits scroll as you take in all of what you just watched.

Just to spite the Writer’s and Directors’ Guilds I’m going to make a movie with credits in the middle of the movie. They will be so confused, never will they have seen something as stupid as middle credits.

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