Big Hero 6 Characters Being Introduced Into the MCU

According to theDisinsider, Big Hero 6 characters will be introduced into the MCU.

They claim that Baymax and Hiro will be making their debut in the MCU soon. They also claim that they heard about Secret Invasion, Agents of Atlas and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

There is no information regarding the casting of these characters, all that is known is that they will be making their debut soon.

Big Hero 6 the movie was based based on the comic of the same name. The comic was a three-part miniseries written by Scott Lobdell and artist Gus Vasquez. The series spawned an animated film and television series.

In 2014, The Big Hero 6 movie premiered and received critical acclaim.

Big Hero 6: The Series premiered in 2017 and picks up after the events of the movie. The series finale aired on February 15, 2021. In December 2020, it was announced that a spinoff series called Baymax! – which will be produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios – will be be released on Disney+ in 2022.

The cast of Big Hero 6: The Series includes Ryan Potter (Hiro), Scott Adsit (Baymax), Jamie Chung (Go Go), and Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, all of whom reprised their roles from the film. The series was developed by Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, and Nick Filippi. The first two seasons are currently available on Disney+.

I don’t know how Big Hero 6 will be introduced into the MCU or why this is being done but I am all for it. I would love to see Baymax and the gang in live action.

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